best mobile battery 20000mAh Mini Power Bank Portable Charger Mirror Screen LED Digital Display Powerbank External Battery Pack Power Bank Poverbank portable battery chargers

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["20000mAh Portable Mini Power Bank Mirror Screen LED Digital Display Powerbank External Battery Pack Poverbank For Mobile Phones<\/strong>","Specification:<\/strong>","Item Name: Mini Power Bank","Battery Capacity:20000mAh","USB Input:DC 5V 2A","Material:ABS Plastic","USB Output:DC 5V 2.1A","Size:93*65*23mm","Feature:","with Dual LED Flashlight","Full Mirror Screen","Dual USB Output","Packing Included:","1 x Power Bank","1 x USB Cable"]

20000mAh Power Bank Portable Charger Mirror Screen LED Digital Display Powerbank External Battery Pack Poverbank For All Phones portable cell phone chargers

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Price: $34.97 $44.95
["20000mAh Power Bank Full Mirror Screen Digital Display Powerbank Portable Charger External Battery Pack Power Bank Poverbank with Dual LED Flashlight<\/strong>","Specification:","Item: Power bank","Capacity: 20000mAh","Battery: Li-polymer Battery","Output: 5V 2.1A \/ 5V 1.0A","Input: 5V 2.0A","Size:","160*52*14MM","Features:","Full Mirror Screen","With LED Digital Display","With Dual LED Flashlight","With Dual USB Output","With 2.1A Fast Charging","Package Included:","1 * Powerbank","1* USB Cable"]

best portable phone chargers Baseus Power Bank 10000mAh with 20W PD Fast Charging Powerbank Portable Battery Charger PoverBank For iPhone 12Pro Xiaomi Huawei portable chargers for iphone

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["Metal Digital Display Quick Charge Power Bank","10000mAh Large capacity
22.5W High power
SCP\/QC3.0\/PD3.0 Two-way quick charge
Current voltage display","SCP 22.5W Light-speed Quick Charge","It supports HUAWEI 5A SCP quick-charging protocol","PD 20W Fast Charging For iPhone","PD 20W: For iPhone13\/12 series
PD 18W: For iPhone 11\/X\/8\/SE series
Regular charging: For iPhone 7\/6 series","10000mah Large Capacity","iP8\u22483.5times
Mate 20\u22481.5times","Flash Power Storage of 2 Hours","It supports PD3.0 + QC3.0 two-way quick charge","Compatible with Various Mobile Phones","Compatible with QC3.0 , PD3.0 , FCP , AFC , SCP and other quick-charging protocols, it can quickly charge for iP , Mi , Huawei , Samsung and other mobile phones","Charge or Storage with One Line","3 input and 3 output","The All-metal shell","LED digital screen displays","Display current
Display voltage
Display battrey level","Baseus Self-developed BPS Technology","Intelligent Shunting , Faster and Safer","Nine Guaranteesfor Safety","Product Parameters","Capacity: 10000mAh\/3.7V\/37Wh

Rated Capacity: 5800mAh

Energy Conversion Rate: more than 75%","Input","Micro Input: 5V\/2A, 9V\/2A Max

Type C Input: 5V\/3A, 5.5V\/3A, 9V\/2A Max","Output","USB 1 Output: 4.5V\/5A, 5V\/4.5A, 5V\/3A, 9V\/2A, 12V\/1.5A Max

USB 2 Output: 4.5V\/5A, 5V\/4.5A, 5V\/3A, 9V\/2A, 12V\/1.5A Max","

Type C Output: 5V\/3A, 9V\/2A, 12V\/1.5A Max","Charging at the same time","Type C + USB 1 Output: 5V\/3A Max

Type C + USB 2 Output: 5V\/3A Max

USB 1 + USB 2 Output: 5V\/3A Max

Type C + USB 1 + USB 2 Output: 5V\/3A Max","Q&A","Q: Why the battery capacity is 10000mAh, but the rated capacity is 5800mAh?","A: Because the input voltage of devices such as mobile phones is 5V. Inside the power bank, the original 3.7V will be boosted to 5V before output.","So the output capacity is 7400mAh (","3.7V*10000mAh\/5V=7400mAh",").","There will be energy loss in the step-up and step-down process, and the energy conversion rate: more than 75%.","Finally, the rated capacity is about 5800mAh. (","7400mAh*75%=5550mAh",").","Product packaging"]

best portable phone chargers 30W Magnetic Wireless Charger Pad Holder For Apple iPhone 13 12 Pro Max Mini Macsafe Type C Qi Fast Wireless Charging Station portable battery for iphone

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["Automatic 30W Qi Car Wireless Charger for iPhone 13 12 11 XS XR X Samsung Xiaomi Magnetic USB Infrared Sensor Phone Holder Mount<\/a>","USD 15.73-18.14<\/em>\/piece","30W Magnetic Wireless Charger For iPhone 12 13 Pro Max Desktop Phone Stand Qi Fast Wireless Charger For Airpods Xiaomi Samsung<\/a>","USD 16.68-19.62<\/em>\/piece","30W Wireless Charger Stand Pad For iPhone 13 12 11 Pro X XS Max XR 8 Plus Samsung S21 S9 Induction Qi Fast Charging Dock Station<\/a>","USD 7.98<\/em>\/piece","30W Fast Qi Car Wireless Charger For iPhone 13 12 11 X Xr Xs Pro MAX Samsung S21 S10 9 Xiaomi Car Wireless Charging Phone Holder<\/a>","USD 8.29<\/em>\/piece","60W Qi Wireless Charger Pad for iPhone 13 12 11 X Pro Max Samsung S21 S20 S10 S9 Xiaomi Induction Fast Charging Docking Station<\/a>","USD 4.69-4.99<\/em>\/piece","NEW 30W Fast Qi Wireless Charger Pad for iPhone 13 12 11 X Pro Max For Samsung Galaxy S21 S20 S10 S9 S8 Xiaomi Wireless Charging<\/a>","USD 4.29-4.99<\/em>\/piece","NEW 30W QI Magnetic Car Wireless Charger for macsafe iPhone 13 12 pro max mini Air Vent Car Phone Holder Stand Fast Car Charging<\/a>","USD 12.29<\/em>\/piece","15W Car Wireless Charger Fold Screen Big Pad Qi Fast Phone Charging Holder for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 2 5G iPhone 13 Pro Max<\/a>","USD 29.60-32.03<\/em>\/piece","30W Magnetic Adsorption Charger For Apple iPhone 13 12 11 Pro Max 12MINI 13MINI Macsafe Wireless Charging on Induction Back Case","Features","1. Strong Magnetic -<\/strong>","Strong magnetism holds the phone together without sliding and keep yourphone perfectly centered on the charging pad for faster charging.","2. 30W Fast Charging -<\/strong>","Compatible with iPhone 13\/13 Mini\/13Pro\/13Pro max\/12\/12 Mini\/12 Pro\/12 Pro Max,iPhone 11\/11 pro\/11 pro max\/ X\/XR\/XS\/XS MAX\/8\/8 PLUS,With comprehensive intelligent protection technology to achieve charging faster and safer.","3. Multi Safe Protection - <\/strong>","Qi certificated wireless charger provide over-current protection, over-voltage protection and over-temperature protection as well as foreign object detection function to ensure safe charging of the device.","4. Charging with Phone Case -<\/strong>","Charges directly through protective cases up to 5mm thick for device (The phone case should support magnetic wireless charging).","5. Portable Design & Premium Material-<\/strong>","This charging pad is mini size portable-easy to carry, which takes up less space, easy to carry, and suitable for traveling.","Specifications","
\nType:","30W Magnetic Wireless Charger<\/strong>","
\nPhone Output:","5W\/7.5W\/10W\/15W\/30W (MAX)<\/strong>","
\nCharging Frequency:","110-205KHZ<\/strong>","
\nCharging Distance:","Less Than 6mm<\/strong>","
\nCharging Efficiency:","73 Percent<\/strong>"]

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